We’re not just sculpting brides for their wedding day, we’re nurturing a lifestyle of vitality and confidence.

What Makes ANA's Program

Stand out?

At the heart of Ana’s approach is a fusion of metabolic conditioning, strength training, Pilates, and yoga, tailored for the time-strapped bride. Unlike conventional programs, our 45-50 minute workouts require only two dumbbells, ensuring flexibility for busy schedules. As co-owners of First Dance London, we bring six years of experience working intimately with brides, understanding the wedding pressure and the need for an energizing fitness routine amidst the wedding preparations.

Sculpting Brides
for Their Perfect Moment

We recognise the unique journey brides embark on as they prepare for their special day. Fueled by the understanding of the pressures to look fit yet feminine, our mission is to empower brides with a transformative 12-week Bridal Sculpt Program.
By blending the precision of biomechanics, the grace of dance, and the science of nutrition, we guide brides to achieve sustainable fat loss, radiate energy, and embrace their wedding day with confidence.
itment to making your bridal fitness dreams a reality.​

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